Rubicon Network Check

What's Up Doc?

Rubicon Network Check is a lightweight site that can scan IPs for most ports and determine not only whether a device responds to ICMP like most ping checkers, but whether the device is operational for a given service like DNS, HTTP, Remote Desktop, and most others. It will also do a conventional ping test (ICMP) if you desire. It can be programed from a CSV file or a SQL database. It runs on an available linux server with Apache or NGINX and PHP. The program runs on opening and will check each device at least twice before abandoning a device and shading it red! Quick and concise status determination of your network infrastructure, servers, and workstations in seconds. Green means good and red is bad, what's not to like?

Note that IPs were intentionally hidden in the screenshot! Rubicon Network Check can be run SaaS with a site to site VPN from our datacenter to your offices or run on a Linux server at your premises.

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